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Ever since Lisa popped out in 2007 we just assumed that she would always get all the cuddles she wanted and that she would sleep with us. This is traditional in Japan – with futons on tatami there was no bed to fall out of – and it just seems natural.

When Lisa was a baby Aunty Reiko would cuddle her all day and at the end of the day she was sooo happy.. excited, laughing and smiling. and it began a strong bond with Reiko that she will probably always have.

Our western thinking seems to think in terms of learning independence as early as possible. But what of is the point of becoming independent if we don’t feel loved, safe and secure? Surely once we feel loved, safe and secure our development moves ahead in leaps and bounds, like we’ve found with Lisa. And in the future this will mean not just independence but being able to lead, inspire and mentor others.

I only stumbled on this philosophy of Attachment Parenting by accident when I found internet guru Dave Taylor’s Attachment Parenting Blog

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