Gary Vaynerchuk Podcast with Dean Jackson & Joe Polish

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Listen to the Gary Vaynerchuk Podcast

All 3 of these guys have made a big contribution to the Bricks & Mortar IM space.

In real estate where a “buyer” is usually seen as someone likely to buy within the next few weeks Dean has shown the value of niche relationship marketing over 18 months and more. Most of us in B&M can learn from this. Particularly on the “big ticket” stuff and where there is high lifetime value to the relationship.

How many B&M businesses will tell you that all that matters to their customers is price? Joe took an industry that had largely been a commodity industry with low barriers to entry, endless price cutting and some shonky business practices and take it into a space with more value creation, quality, pricing power and a lifetime relationship with the customer. Again there are some big lessons for most of us in B&M here.

And Gary took an industry where most family businesses were content to sit in the corner sucking their thumb complaining that there was no way they could compete with the bulk buying – big discounting liquor chains. He found and exploited the weakness of the big corporates by building authority, a tribe and communicating naturally and personally. Its hard for the corporates to compete with the personal, edgy Wine Library TV. In the process he’s shown B&M how they can blow away their geographical boundaries and directly reach customers through their own video channel.

Listen to the Gary Vaynerchuk Podcast

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