Microsoft Mouse and Keyboards

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I wouldn’t want to be a Microsoft shareholder at the moment. With the Windows OS losing market share – particularly in the exploding mobile market – and with their flagship Office suite now matched and bettered by the free Open Office and Google Docs.

But there’s a couple of their products that are great:

Microsoft Keyboards – Strong, well built and zoom lever is great for small pictures and text. I’m hard on keyboards – goes back to learning to type on a manual typewriter – and often wear out keyboards. But I’ve never worn out one of these… (yet)

Microsoft Wireless Mouse – Moulded to hand size with both big and small available – zoom lever is great for small pictures and text. Hard to go back to wired mouse once you’ve used them. Use rechargeable batteries. The Laser mouse is better than the previous generation optical mouse…. more accurate and can be used without mousepad.

A bit weird that the only product I like from a software company are there peripherals… but it is what it is…

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