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I found that to move forward we needed a lot more pages – probably over 1,000 in the long term – a blog and much better code on our flagship website. With a custom site it was $100 a page and weeks of drama just to do fairly simple stuff. And we needed foreign language and product niche websites.

With WordPress and Thesis I can put up a new page in under a minute with just a few clicks. And even putting up a new site only takes 10 minutes. The time is in the customisation and content.

There is more on the Thesis theme here. And some sample Thesis sites here.

The corporates are now starting to use it too, like P&O and Krispy Kreme.

I will never have a 100% custom site again – just too many hassles – and platforms like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are now just so good.

Why WordPress?
Needed a blog on the site anyway, so why not use WordPress for the whole site?
Good internationalisation for building foreign language sites with same structure.
Huge user base and third party plugins and apps.
Regular updates

Why Thesis?
SEO optimised out of the box.
Separates out the code for easier customisations and updates.
Big user-base.
Great forum support.
People who were using it were smart people. If they were using it it must have something going for it. Matt Cutts, Brian Clark, James Schramko, Andy Jenkins, Jeff Walker etc. etc. etc. and theres more moving over all the time.

Is Thesis perfect?
No. It can still be frustrating sometimes.. I wish there were more simple click the radio button customisations available right out of the box.. but I think they’re coming. I don’t envy Chris Pearson’s job in having to base Thesis on the ever-changing third-party WordPress. But Thesis could be brilliant in a few years and probably more futureproof than most other options.

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